About Me

Being a “woman of a certain age” comes with lots of credentials.  A husband of 20 years, 2 kids, 2 jobs, a dog, a cat.  Together we travel, we work, we play.  I love music (I play the piano and dabble with the Ukelele) and recently (ok 2 years ago) I took up ballet because, who wouldn’t want to develop legs like a dancer?  I spend my working hours in criminal prosecution and run a successful business part-time from my home.  I call my duel professions grit and glitter; it’s like having two sides of a coin.

My life has taken many turns and I’m learning to just hold on for the ride.  I’ve become devoted…hopelessly, in fact to making my world a better place, inside and out.  I hope I can help you as well.

email: jforever52@gmail.com

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