Never take yourself to seriously!!!

Jessica F. Miller

I’m excited to connect with you here as I discuss everything I’m hopelessly devoted to.

Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a Deputy District Attorney for Butte County and a lifelong member of the Butte County community. Here’s a little about me:
After having grown up in Oroville, I moved on to graduate from CSU, Chico. From there I went on to attend law school at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. It was important for me to practice law where I lived and so, after graduating from law school and passing the bar, I worked for a time in a boutique firm in the areas of real estate law and probate. After the birth of my 2nd child, I took the opportunity to open my own firm, to give me more flexibility in my work and home management. However, the type of law I was practicing did not feel right and after 3 years of running my own firm I transitioned to the Butte County District Attorney’s Office where I currently serve as a Deputy District Attorney. I’ve been practicing law for approximately 16 years and I couldn’t ask for a more challenging and rewarding career.
As a prosecutor, I am court every week, which includes everything from initial arraignments to jury trials. The criminal justice system is a vastly changing venue in California, and this platform has really turned into a place where the balance between punishment, public protection and rehabilitation has come to the forefront. I am passionate about finding the right balance between all these, sometimes competing interests, because that is where justice truly lives.
I am also on the board for the Butte County Deputy District Attorney’s Association. This organization is committed to promoting law enforcement objectives and public safety awareness within Butte County. It raises money for several law enforcement scholarships on an annual basis.
In my spare time I love to travel with my family and I’ve always been interested in music (it was my minor at Chico State) and ballet.
Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to connecting with you.