#22 Hindsight is 20/20: A Jury Trial that Changed My Perspective

Ultimately, this was one the jury got right with a misdemeanor and it helped me change my perspective on marijuana cultivation moving forward. It is also a good example of how prosecution evolves over time with the law as it changes. Prosecutors are given a lot of discretion in filing, charging, settling, and trying cases on behalf of the People and as there are changes in the law, and continuing research into areas affecting crime we, adapt so that our discretion aligns with what society believes is a just outcome. The jury saw it here and I see it now.

#20 A Jury Trial That Changed Everything

The trial that forever changed my perspective of jury trials. From day one, I was told that my job as a prosecutor was not win, it was to seek justice. To do the right thing. To handle those things within my control, holding myself to the highest standard. In this trial I followed those rules, and the dragon won.